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WEBINAR: Enhancing Instrumentation of Canals with Complex Curvatures

31 marca, 2021

Serdecznie zapraszamy na webinar endodontyczny, podczas którego dowiesz się, jak radzić sobie z trudnymi przypadkami i nieprzewidywalnymi kanałami!

Tematyka webinaru:

The goal of endodontic treatment is to eliminate intracanal bacterial infection and prevent reinfection. From a technical point of view, the goal of canal preparation is to provide adequate access for disinfecting solutions without making major
preparation errors such as perforations, canal transportations, instrument fractures or unnecessary removal of tooth structure.

Root canal anatomy can be unpredictable ranging from canals that are almost straight to highly complex canal configurations. The introduction of nickel-titanium (NiTi) instruments to endodontics almost three decades ago has resulted in dramatic improvements for successful canal preparation for generalists and specialists. Recent NiTi technologies include the emergence of special designs such as mechanized glide path files and 3D expandable files.

Another recent development is the application of heat treatment to nickel titanium alloy, both before and after the file is manufactured. This results in files with increased flexibility and high resistance to fatigue fracture, as well as the ability to maintain the natural canal path even in abrupt curvatures..
The utilization of these technologies for a predictable instrumentation of challenging cases, following the basics of endodontic anatomy is the goal of this presentation

PROWADZĄCY: dr Spyros Floratos
DATA: czwartek 08.04
GODZINA: 17.00 (czasu polskiego)
JĘZYK: angielski/rosyjski (do wyboru)

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